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Gardetto's Original Vegan Recipe

Are Gardettos Vegan? (2022)

Chex-mix was super popular at my house when I was young, and it was okay. I liked the pretzels. But when I discovered this magical

Strawberry Pop Rocks

Are Pop Rocks Vegan? (2022)

Everyone in the USA remembers having these sometimes as a kid, right? They were the one candy nobody really liked but everyone wanted simply because

Double Bubble Vegan Gum

Is Dubble Bubble Gum Vegan? (2022)

Dubble Bubble is a formerly super-popular Candy-like Gum that has been around since the early 1900s, but in recent years their popularity has shrunk big-time.


Are Funyuns Vegan? (2022)

Funyuns were one of my favorite chip snacks as a kid, I remember going to a little no-name supermarket near my house with my mom